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    • Abstract: Centra Sota. . .Centra SotaOur story began in 1922, when cen-Who We Aretral Minnesota farmers formed adairy cooperative and became thefirst to manufacture Land O’Lakes®sweet cream butter.

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Centra Sota
. . .
Centra Sota
Our story began in 1922, when cen-
Who We Are
tral Minnesota farmers formed a
dairy cooperative and became the
first to manufacture Land O’Lakes®
sweet cream butter.
Over the years, our core business
changed with the farmers’ demands.
We entered the feed business in
the 1960s, became an agronomy
supplier in the 1970s, and began
offering energy products in the
Our customer base changed, too. In
recent years, we’ve expanded our
trade territory to include even more
agricultural land. While farmers
remain our primary focus, we’ve
also begun serving non-farmers
with energy products, lawn care
services, and advice on caring for
companion animals.
Today, Centra Sota and Centra Sota
Lake Region, LLC employs over
100 people at agronomy centers,
feed mills, bulk petroleum plants,
and country stores in communities
across a 100-square-mile trade
territory. ◗
Our Brand VisiOn:
“To be the partner you can count
on, providing real solutions for
today and tomorrow.”
Centra Sota
. . .
Centra Sota
PA r T n e r
You CAn
As a cooperative that exists for the benefit of its
members, Centra Sota is more than just another
vendor. We flourish when our customers flourish.
We decline when they decline. In a very real way,
we are partners who work together for mutual
More than a business arrangement, we really care
about our customers and their families. Caring
relationships last through thick and thin. ◗
Our relatiOnships
Centra Sota Cooperative also partners with these local companies to
bring customers needed products and services.
croprevenuemanagement.com munsonlakes.com
Centra Sota
. . .
Centra Sota
ProvideS reAl
Over the years, our members have built Centra
Sota into a company with the resources to help
agricultural producers and non-farmers not only
survive, but thrive.
We employ innovators who daily bring real
solutions to our customers’ crop production
challenges in the form of technology adapted
for our local growing area.
In the face of volatile
energy markets, we bring
our customers alternative
fuels and technology for
To livestock producers and
owners of companion animals,
we bring new for mulas
and ideas for meeting their
nutritional needs. ◗
rATher ThAn
folloW The
We leAd The WAY
Centra Sota
. . .
Centra Sota
will be there
T o d AY
Our unique organization, as a
farmer-owned cooperative, offers
both town and country customers
the assurance that we’re in this
business for the long haul. Centra
Sota will walk alongside our
agricultural producers throughout
their farming careers. As a result,
we will be around to serve our
customers for years to come.
. . .
LiVing The VisiOn
That’s our Brand Vision: “to be
the partner you can count on,
providing real solutions for today
and tomorrow.” ◗
The best illustration of this Brand
Vision is Centra sota’s people. They
“live the vision” daily, as they deliver
energy products to farms and homes,
work rations for livestock, load feed
into our customers’ pickups, or scout
fields for weed and insect pests.
Centra Sota
. . .
Centra Sota
T o d AY A n d
Our 15-word Brand Vision is a lot owners, who have faithfully
to remember, so we’ve condensed patronized this company over the
our vision into a one-word Brand years. We hope our customers—both
Promise to help our employees and urban and rural—will think of the
our customers remember what sets word COMMITMenT whenever they
Centra Sota apart: COMMITMenT. see our logo, or whenever they meet
a Centra Sota employee in their
To o u r e m p l o y e e s , t h e w o rd field, on their yard, or at our service
C O M M I T M e n T re p re s e n t s a n counters. ◗
ongoing pledge to our far mer-
Who can buy from centra Sota cooperative?
anyone. You do not need to be a farmer. Just open an account and begin
doing business at any location. We look forward to serving you.
Want to l e arn m o r e a b o u t C en t ra S ota ?
C he C k u s OuT OnLi n e aT w w w.c e n t r a s o ta . c o m
O r C a LL Our main O ffi C e aT 8 0 0 - 5 2 4-3 8 3 5 .
CenTra sOTa Brand VisiOn:
“To be the partner you can count on, providing real
solutions for today and tomorrow.”
Centra Sota
2852 County Rd 12 north
P.O. Box 210
Buffalo, Mn 55313-0210

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